Thursday, April 28, 2016

Celebrity Deaths and How They Effect Us

                                             Celebrity Deaths & How They Effect Us

Well I will confess last Friday I was at a concert and they of course started playing Purple Rain. Yes I teared up just bit.   As I sat there I thought how interesting it is people we have never met have such an ability to touch the very core of our being. Prince was there the summer of my Senior year in high school. His album Purple Rain was the soundtrack of that summer of beaches, clubs and just the beginning of the who I was becoming. Just imagine a warm August afternoon you are 18  and you are about to for the first time move away from home.  You  drive up on a big beautiful brick building built in 1928 and all the windows are open  (no air-conditioning) All you hear is Purple Rain, Let’s Go Crazy………… It is the beginning of a new life but an old friend is already there waiting on you with new friends. 

   This year we have lost many wonderful artist but it is not the first one I remember.  1977 was a very rough year also . I was 11-12 this was the year I became so aware of the fact that these people were not immortal.   One of the first that I remember was  funny enough Freddie Prince and I was 11. I watched  Chico and the Man  on Friday night along with Sanford and Son. I was completely confused how someone who seemed to have it all would end their life in such a way.  I remember sitting in Mrs. Roberts 6th grade class and looking at the clock and thinking  yesterday at this time he was alive but then 4 mins from now he will decide not to be.  

Elvis also died in 1977.   People were just in shock that day.  It was one of those moments where people remember where they were when they heard the news. My dad had just picked me up from piano class  and Bob Seger’s Night Moves was playing on the radio when they broken in with the news.  At 12 you don’t realize  42 isn’t old.  Plus you don’t realize just how big Elvis was. Imagine what it would have been like if Elvis had died when we had social media and all the other ways we communicate now. Then we just had radio and TV and Elvis was everywhere.  I mean for goodness sake the Enquirer had a casket shot. 
 This was the year I remember losing so many entertainer that I so enjoyed watching.   We lost Groucho Marx, Joan Crawford, Charle Chaplin,  and Zero Mostel  just to name a few. One of the ones  that really bothered me was Bing Crosby.  Why was he playing golf anyway?  Now I think he died doing what he loved.  I loved Bing Crosby. Yes I was a weird kid. When he died I felt really bad for Bob Hope because he had lost his best friend.  Then a few days later Lynyrd  Skynyrd’s plane fell from the sky. I was making a piƱata for a class project watching M.A.S.H.  on tv when I was sucker punched by that bit of news.   ( In the coming days Free Bird was played nonstop on the radio)   I guess I was just at the age of really trying to understand death. I do truly remember these deaths very vividly.  

  Celebrities are special to us because of the magic they create  for us. We don’t contemplate that we all have that magic for someone.    Celebrities just have a life where they get to share their magic with so many more people. Their profession just has a bigger audience who they touch. When they die or really most anyone I think the world loses a little bit of that spark.  When Robin Williams died I woke up the next day and thought “Damn the world is just not as bright as it was yesterday”. We learn to adapt and others fill in where that spark died.  We don’t forget but we do move on.  The key is to keep your own magic going. Don’t buy into the negative things we are bombard with on a daily basis.  It is not easy but anything special never is.  We all are SPECIAL. and have our own unique MAGIC.  While we are here each and everyday we touch peoples’ lives in ways we don’t even know.  With these interactions we have such power with those we meet.  So each day go out into the world and be honest, helpful, kind, and all those things that make the world better. Spread the magic. Shine your own spark. 

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Trick Or Treating An American Tradition

On Oct 19 2009 Sommer Thompson was abducted and murdered and three months later an arrested was made in this deplorable crime. That year Halloween in my area had a cloud of fear hanging over it. It was sad to see so few children out in the neighborhood. Since then trick or treaters have been offered many different places to go and things to do. 
It was so wonderful having almost 50 children come to my door tonight. Hearing their laughter and the joy of showing off their costumes was magical. 

We can't shutter our windows and close our doors to keep evil out. We have to met it head on and drive it back where it belongs.
So here is hoping all of you had a magical and safe Halloween and remember real monsters don't look like monsters.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

May Everyones Year Be Merry and Bright

        As I look back over the last year I am amazed at all the changes that have happened in my little world.  Some I could see coming but others were a complete surprise.    That I imagine is how most of us look back over a year.  In the end we hope the next year will be better and happy to have the opportunity to see what the next 12 months bring.

  So as 2014 approaches I will not make New Year’s Resolutions but instead I will greet it with a smile and a prayer that the year will hold much laugher and happiness for all of you and your tears and sorrows will be few. Here is hoping that every day you see all the magic and wonder in the world that is all around every one of us. I hope you have people or a person that loves and understands you and makes you feel that you are their world.   May each of you find that thing in your life that makes your heart and soul sing.  Each day when you wake up and go out into the world you wish these same things for those you meet.

             So Here Is A Toast To 2014 and Wishing Only The Best For All Of You.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Life is full of memorable events, births, deaths, weddings, divorces  ………………  The list could go on and on with both goodand bad parts of life. If we are all here on earth then we were born.  Where we were born and our families differbut we all pretty much got here the same way. So that is a common experience for all. Death.  Well if you are physicallyalive then you will die. As the saying goes nobody gets out of life alive.  Each of us has a different amount of time weare alive and the way our life ends is unique to each of us.  It is the part in the middle between birthand death that each of us have many choices of which roads we take and theoutcome of each.   

    Some of theseevents are truly GREAT and if you could shout them from the rooftop or hire askywriter to tell the world we would.  IT”SA BOY or GIRL, SHE SAID “YES”!  Then thereare other events make us sad and disappointed. These are still events that are common to most people. Parents die, aspouse leaves, the loss of a job, your pet died but still these are events thatyou can talk about with others.  It has notbeen that long ago when if you had cancer it was whispered.  So many things have changed and there is moresupport out there for each of us. There are still things that we go throughthat we have a hard time talking about.  The shame of the elephant in the room that noone mentions but everyone sees.  Who dowe talk about those things with?

   It dawned on me this week that social mediahas given people a place to find support. You may not be able to tell your family and friends that you have acertain problem but you can go to your face book buddies.  There you can find support andunderstanding.  This week I have seenmany of my face book friends express what trials they are going through. Therehas always been a hug, advice, prayer, or just I’m sorry.  It is wonderful to have people out there thatyou may never met in person care that life has taken you down a road with a lotof potholes. Many have been down the same road and can tell you that the roadgets smoother just up ahead.  All youhave to do is hang on and put one foot in front of the other.

   To my nonface bookfriends it has been hard to explain the intimacy that you can have with peopleyou only see as a cat waving at you with a mustache and a sombrero. That youreally care what the doctor said or that they are looking for a job.  You enjoying looking at their photo andlaughing at their silly wall post. It is fun talking about how things aredifferent where they live than where you live. Plus you find out how much weall have in common.  Friendships reallydo grow in the virtual world.

   I think one of themost interesting parts of this social experiment is that people become so closethat they tell their social media friends their deep dark secrets.   The secrets that they have been hiding sodeep in their closets that no one in the world their real body lives in knowabout. This is such a good thing because I have only seen support given inthese cases.  For every problem out therethat someone is battling there is another who has already been through the samewar and won.  The support I have seen hasbeen amazing whether the issue was addiction, depression, marital, children,parents……………you name it there was someone out there who had gone through thesame journey. The support they offered is real and so heartfelt andtouching. 


   So I think thething we all have to remember is if we need a hug all we need to do isask.  I bet you will be surprised at howmany hugs you get.  Wish somebody HappyBirthday because that might be the thing that makes their day a little better.If you’re pet dies put a picture up and your friends will cry with you.  Can’t sleep in the middle of the night? WellI bet you are not alone.  Basically thatis it none of us have to be alone. We all are just a click away with someonewho is traveling the same road we are on but in different places on the map. Noone needs to travel along.


Thursday, January 3, 2013

So How Are Those Resolutions Coming?

So where are we all at on this resolution thing on day three of 2013.  I hope everyone has started off the year the way they wanted and are changing those things they want in their lives.  If you have not that is OK. I'm sure many of us have not gone to the gym or skipped dessert.  Guess what the Resolution Police will not be knocking on your front door.  Why oh why do resolutions seem to be things that are good for you or more things you really deep down don't want to do. Then when you slip you feel bad about yourself. 
So here is my question why can't resolutions be fun, silly and more about making you happy and seeing how wonderful you and the world really can be.  No one really wants to lose weight, eat right or save money. I'm not saying these are bad goals and by all means do these things because it will make you a healthier person physically as well as financial.  Don't tie them to the beginning of a new year. The New Year is like starting a new book and how many of us would keep reading if it started out like the promises we make to ourselves at this time of year.  You would toss the book in the corner declaring it was the most boring  thing you had ever read.
This is the time of the year to look ahead with hope and joy. Making  resolutions to have more fun, be with people you enjoy and do things you love really sounds like a better way to start off the year.  Think of the fun it would be when someone asks you what your New Years Resolution is and you say " Eat More Chocolate."  This is the way to start the next 365 days of your life.  Imagine waking up in the morning and thinking today I'm going to _________ because it makes me HAPPY.
Personally I don't make resolutions but this year I have made a few and most of them are things that I would enjoy doing.
  1. Do more things that make my heart and soul sing.
2. Take more photos.
3. Enjoy things close to home and do more day trips.
4. Rock the boat.
OK   if the list to be legitimate has to have something healthy on it here it is and it is a BIG ONE!
5. Cut out artificial sweeteners

So on day three of the New Year I have not only been doing what I promised myself I would do but I am enjoying myself. Today I visited a new park and took a some photos. Also I have really done well on the artificial sweeteners. My most favorite one of rocking the boat. I have an 18 year son at home and I can a sure you the resolution is kept many times a day.
So tomorrow when you get up take a look at that list and remember there is no law that says you can't rewrite or even have no list at all.



Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Because You Die Doesn’t Mean That You Are Forgotten

Just Because You Die Doesn’t Mean That You Are Forgotten

 How does the old saying go? You are not dead until you are forgotten and no one talks about you or something along that line.  Today my photo group had the word cemetery as our prompt and there were many amazing final resting places posted. Each time period and country had their own special way of showing their respect and remembrance of those that had gone on.  Some had huge monuments while others very simple markers.  The saddest were for children with little angels depicted with their head held low.  Cemeteries are a place of sadness but also great beauty in many cases. The trees and flowers along give a serenest can be very comforting.

  Death is one of those topics that each family seems to handle differently.  In the home I grew up in when someone died they are still talked about. It was almost like they have just left the room to get something and will return any moment.  When I go home now friends and family that have been gone for years their stories are still being told.  How good their biscuits were, what a character they were, or a funny story about them.  I think it is wonderful and I enjoy hearing these little pearls from the past.  The joy the teller gets from remembering and reliving is something words cannot describe.

  My Great Grand Father Poppy is a favorite topic on my Mother’s side.  For a man who never weight over 100 pounds he was bigger than life.  The stories I have heard about him over the years are just legendary in my family. Recently Mom told me a story that I had never heard before.  When she was around 12 years old she had gone into town with him. That day next to the courthouse was a snake oil salesman hawking his goods.  A crowd had gathered along with Poppy as the salesman told the group that what he had would cure you of all your ills. You would be stronger, healthier and more virile with just one bottle of this magical mixture.  Poppy begin heckling the man and tell him and the crowd that it was all ridiculous and a bunch of cock and bull.  The salesmen threaten to come into the crowd and show how health he was to this scrawny man. Poppy being Poppy didn’t back down and pulled out his hawk knife.  Mom said she just remember being so embarrassed.     That was the Poppy I knew and loved.  It doesn’t matter that he has been gone for almost 40 years it really is just like he has left the room for a moment.  That is saying a lot about a person’s   life to still be the topic of conversation.

  This is a good goal in life to have.  Leave good stories and feels while here on earth.   Use all the colors in the box of life and be a colorful character and make your mark.

Friday, August 10, 2012


 I’m 47 years old and in that time I have seen and experienced many new and wonderful things.  Each and every day has moments that bring me little presents of joy and happiness.  Less and less as I have become an adult do I truly have that magical moment that my heart stops and the joy before my eyes can be truly called BREATHTAKING?  Or Oh My God moments which I mean with complete reverence. That is one of the bad parts of becoming an adult. When I’m lucky enough to be gifted such a time I love the shear amazement and joy from what I see, hear and feel feeding my very soul. As I grow older there are fewer and fewer things that you have not seen for real or in other ways.   It is work to keep looking at the world like a child who every day sees things they have never seen before.  Plus my life is so busy that slowing down is not an option as everyone else is to.

This week I was lucky enough to have three wondrous moments that made me take a deep breath and feel my heart and soul sing at the pure joy of what I was witnessing.  All of them happened at the same magical place.  The first was early in the week when my son and I took our lunch to the dock to eat. I heard a fluttering and look up to see big beautiful eyes looking down on us. Perched on a branch was barred owl with its sweet little face. This was not the first one I have ever seen this close but it was still just as heart stopping.

Next I was all alone on the dock when I saw a little nose popping out of the water and heard a little splash. Then I lump of grey break the surface.  I realized that it wasn’t just one but five manatee swimming ten feet from me. As I continue watching I truly feel that internal squeal I had as a child when I was so excited I felt I would burst. I was so memorized I just could not leave and felt so blessed that I got to witness what wonderful creatures they were.  Being able to stay and watch them for so long in the wild was beyond words. Days later I still feel that way.

The last one was just a brief experience where I was standing looking at the water when I see a bird flying at me. I get my camera ready and I’m expecting to get a wonderful shot of maybe a heron. Instead a handsome osprey as graced me with a visit. His regal appearance is something I will not forget. Then as quickly as he came he flew away.

These to me are presents from God and they are given to me when I need a lift or just because. Truly nature and all the wonderful creatures are gifts that make my heart and soul fly. If I can go to my grave still getting that flutter in my stomach and wide eyed amazement then I will have truly learned to see the gifts given to me.