Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"Always Daddy's Funny Valentine"

     I just had the sweetest   flash of memory cross my mind this Valentines’ Day about my Dad.   Growing up my Dad was not the kind who hugged and kissed you. It was even hard for him to say he loved you.  I remember at night saying Love You and Mom saying Alfred say “I Love You back.”   Truly I never felt that he didn’t love me because the words didn’t come easily. He showed it every day in his actions.  I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt I would always be safe with him and taking care of.  Really security for a child shows true love. 

    On Valentine’s Day morning I would get up and waiting at both mine and Mom’s place at the table would be a beautiful heart shaped box full of chocolate candies.  The boxes would have lace and flowers on it and I thought there was nothing to compare to how pretty they were.  Looking back it wasn’t that they were filled with candy that made them so special. It was more that my box said I was SPECIAL and   even if I wasn’t in school yet this made me feel so very grown up.  This tradition continued after I was married and showed that no matter how old you are you will always be Daddy’s Little Valentine.

   The first man in my life was my Dad and I used him to measure the rest I would meet along life’s journey.    I’m lucky to have met and   marry   a man that shows me every day that he loves me not only with words but actions.   As a bonus my Dad not only loves my new Valentine but likes him as well. 

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