Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Because You Die Doesn’t Mean That You Are Forgotten

Just Because You Die Doesn’t Mean That You Are Forgotten

 How does the old saying go? You are not dead until you are forgotten and no one talks about you or something along that line.  Today my photo group had the word cemetery as our prompt and there were many amazing final resting places posted. Each time period and country had their own special way of showing their respect and remembrance of those that had gone on.  Some had huge monuments while others very simple markers.  The saddest were for children with little angels depicted with their head held low.  Cemeteries are a place of sadness but also great beauty in many cases. The trees and flowers along give a serenest can be very comforting.

  Death is one of those topics that each family seems to handle differently.  In the home I grew up in when someone died they are still talked about. It was almost like they have just left the room to get something and will return any moment.  When I go home now friends and family that have been gone for years their stories are still being told.  How good their biscuits were, what a character they were, or a funny story about them.  I think it is wonderful and I enjoy hearing these little pearls from the past.  The joy the teller gets from remembering and reliving is something words cannot describe.

  My Great Grand Father Poppy is a favorite topic on my Mother’s side.  For a man who never weight over 100 pounds he was bigger than life.  The stories I have heard about him over the years are just legendary in my family. Recently Mom told me a story that I had never heard before.  When she was around 12 years old she had gone into town with him. That day next to the courthouse was a snake oil salesman hawking his goods.  A crowd had gathered along with Poppy as the salesman told the group that what he had would cure you of all your ills. You would be stronger, healthier and more virile with just one bottle of this magical mixture.  Poppy begin heckling the man and tell him and the crowd that it was all ridiculous and a bunch of cock and bull.  The salesmen threaten to come into the crowd and show how health he was to this scrawny man. Poppy being Poppy didn’t back down and pulled out his hawk knife.  Mom said she just remember being so embarrassed.     That was the Poppy I knew and loved.  It doesn’t matter that he has been gone for almost 40 years it really is just like he has left the room for a moment.  That is saying a lot about a person’s   life to still be the topic of conversation.

  This is a good goal in life to have.  Leave good stories and feels while here on earth.   Use all the colors in the box of life and be a colorful character and make your mark.

Friday, August 10, 2012


 I’m 47 years old and in that time I have seen and experienced many new and wonderful things.  Each and every day has moments that bring me little presents of joy and happiness.  Less and less as I have become an adult do I truly have that magical moment that my heart stops and the joy before my eyes can be truly called BREATHTAKING?  Or Oh My God moments which I mean with complete reverence. That is one of the bad parts of becoming an adult. When I’m lucky enough to be gifted such a time I love the shear amazement and joy from what I see, hear and feel feeding my very soul. As I grow older there are fewer and fewer things that you have not seen for real or in other ways.   It is work to keep looking at the world like a child who every day sees things they have never seen before.  Plus my life is so busy that slowing down is not an option as everyone else is to.

This week I was lucky enough to have three wondrous moments that made me take a deep breath and feel my heart and soul sing at the pure joy of what I was witnessing.  All of them happened at the same magical place.  The first was early in the week when my son and I took our lunch to the dock to eat. I heard a fluttering and look up to see big beautiful eyes looking down on us. Perched on a branch was barred owl with its sweet little face. This was not the first one I have ever seen this close but it was still just as heart stopping.

Next I was all alone on the dock when I saw a little nose popping out of the water and heard a little splash. Then I lump of grey break the surface.  I realized that it wasn’t just one but five manatee swimming ten feet from me. As I continue watching I truly feel that internal squeal I had as a child when I was so excited I felt I would burst. I was so memorized I just could not leave and felt so blessed that I got to witness what wonderful creatures they were.  Being able to stay and watch them for so long in the wild was beyond words. Days later I still feel that way.

The last one was just a brief experience where I was standing looking at the water when I see a bird flying at me. I get my camera ready and I’m expecting to get a wonderful shot of maybe a heron. Instead a handsome osprey as graced me with a visit. His regal appearance is something I will not forget. Then as quickly as he came he flew away.

These to me are presents from God and they are given to me when I need a lift or just because. Truly nature and all the wonderful creatures are gifts that make my heart and soul fly. If I can go to my grave still getting that flutter in my stomach and wide eyed amazement then I will have truly learned to see the gifts given to me.