Saturday, June 16, 2012

Yes it is good to Clean Your Closet out Because You Might Find More inThere than You Imagine

 Yes it is good to Clean Your Closet outBecause You Might Find More in There than You Imagine

(Be warned my editor has yet to make the corrections to this piece but it has been so long since I posted last it was time. So please look over any of my errors.)

         It is amazing what things we hold onto and what they represent to us. They bring back fond memories and remind usof parts of our lives.  It is good to andpurge some of these things. It helps you to really decide what is important toyou and what is holding you down like a rock tied to a drowning man. Myhousehold has been doing just that and making some hard decisions. Like GeorgeCarlin said a house is just a place to keep your stuff while you go out and getmore stuff.  Looking through all thethings you have gives you a true map of what you should be doing and yourpurpose.  Who you have been and what youcan be is hiding in all the other stuff and you have to get down on hands andknees and pry it from the heap.   Some ofthe things I knew about myself was I love pictures but I guess many of youalready know that.  Also I like officeproducts, old Mad Magazines, pretty rocks, the weather vane off my parent’shouse and the list could go on and on.  Thehard part is deciding what you really NEED to keep bringing happiness to you orothers.

  I remember as a child I couldn’t wait to grow up and have purpose.  The longing for my time when I was in controlwas acute.  I wanted important things inmy purse, appointments on my schedule, and life to get going.   There was always a plan and agenda, things todo and places to go. With my planning nature I had my bags packed with all thethings I thought I would need for the journey.  Then on top of that I was born with a bit of arestless spirit and need for changes.  Asa kid I had a backpack but not your normal old camping in the woods backpack.Noooooo mine was an astronaut’s backpack and the care that went into gatheringup my supplies for the trip would have made NASA proud. I was prepared andready for the adventure then as now and just need to set my course.

 I’m lucky in that I have also married someonewho is driven and isn’t afraid of turning life upside-down if you get toocomfortable. We have been together for almost 30 years and have started talkingabout how we see the rest of our lives together.  Together we have gone on many adventures fromearly married to adopting a child, each of our families growing and declining,our parents getting older and our son turning 18.  Our road just like everyone’s has had potholes as well as intarstate and no matter how much you plan and researchyour trip life will have some surprise for you along the way.  One day you drive into the middle of a paradeand the next you drive off a cliff. Still doesn’t mean you should not try to bea prepared for whatever life throws at you.  So we have started penciling in a rough draftof where we want to be in the next 10 to 15 years. Heck the next 50 years ormore.  Something’s on the list are I’msure on everyone’s list –health, family, financial security and our bucket list. The process has been very revitalizingto both of us.

    This year has beena trial and I have been reevaluating many things that I do. Maybe it is my ageand some of it is the concussion I received but I feel different and that isOK.   Life can be get so jammed packedthat you are running from one task to the next. Also if you are like me there are things that you have taken on thathave served their purpose and just need to be ended.  The life of that thing, activity or ritualhas come to an end and its purpose is complete. It doesn’t mean that you werenot thankful for what it brought you but there is a life span to everything.Many examples of this have been found with the massive clean out of our home.  I mean really do I really need to keep ajacket I wore in high school and can still wear?  When was the last time ANYONE played with thelegos?   Let’s be honest I’m never going to make allthose wonderful meals out of all those cookbooks.  Each of these things were truly Special andbrought joy and happiness. Everyone’s life has different volumes and I’m morethan excited to start writing my next part of the series. I’m not one of thesepeople wishing to go back and remain in any part of my past.  Most of it has been wonderful and I wouldtrade it for anything.  The experienceshave made me who I am and other than a few pounds I would like to shed I amhappy with whom I am warts and all.   

   So let’s all go outthere every day plot our course and see the magic, find the joy and grab on tohappiness with all our might. 

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